Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Want for Christmas?

We have this conversation often this time of year, so it's not surprizing that Joey brought it up last night at the dinner table. He goes to each of us in turn, and asks us "Want for for Christmas, Daddy? Want for Christmas Stine?" ect. He asked me a few times. The first time I told him perfume. The second time he answered for me and said I needed a vaccuumm.(anyone who knows him well knows this is really what HE wants)The third time he asked me it went like this:
Joey:Want for Christmas mom?
Joey(very quietly)Some sewing.
Mom:I don't think I need any sewing stuff. I already have a sewing machine
Joey: Ummm...Mom want some blue
Mom: Blue what?
Joey:Want for Christmas soft blue sewing.

THEN it dawned on me!! Joey is taking Home Ec this semester! What a terrible mom!

Mom: you know I would love it if somebody made me a present. I really like the color blue. It's so cool when people sew presents.

He smiled so big. Poor guy was trying to feel out the situation as covertly as he could. I almost missed the boat! I am really looking forward to opening that gift. You may all see me sporting something blue. Don't know what it is, but I'll find a way to show it off!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Robby's paper

I thought I'd share Robby's paper he wrote or school. He didn't like the topic(He said there was no way for it not to sound dorky), but I like the voice he writes in.


There have been many times I have said “Wow” to something amazing. From the sight of the wilderness, or the sound of birds chirping, I’ve been amazed by these things time and time again.

The things that amaze me enough to say wow are most easily found in nature; manly animals and landscapes. There are too many amazing things in the world around us to count. Things like tigers, Niagara Falls, and the creatures living in the bottom of the ocean are amazing sights. Well, let’s face it the sea creatures are ugly and weird, but they’re still amazing.

Simple things can be amazing too, like a good book or movie. One thing to say "wow” to is a scene from the movie “Iron Man” when he flies in his prototype armor around the coast of California. Science class, or even an event in life can be amazing things. I’ve seen many things considering I’m a 12 year old, with a possible 88 years to go, I’m in for a lot more. Wow!

The amazing things in life are often overlooked, ignored, and trashed by people who don’t care or just don’t seem to notice these things. So open yourself up to the amazing things in life.