Thursday, October 23, 2008

Human Trafficking

Argh!! I'm gonna spew here for a moment. I can ignore most ads that I have to put up with online but this one ticks me off. Ads on facebook for Asian girls to order as wives. That is human trafficking! Yeah, I know that they are "willing" but only to improve their lives economically. They know they aren't going to get Brad Pitt, but Scary Larry the probable peeping tom and possible pedophile. I guess I should feel lucky that our economy, no matter the recent problems, has never been so bad that my daughter would want to leave her family and market her self to the dregs of another country. Oh, I am sure there are a few lonely, shy, nice men who have successful found a long term wife this way, but how few and far between are the great relationships of a mail order bride once she hits the good ol USA? These girls are told they will get a DiCaprio husband and their life will be like the O.C. So, coersion and taking advantage of desparation are being capitalized on. Turns my stomach. How bout you?

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